Seeking Online Recommendations – Quick Insight!

The significance of a recommendation is truly highlightedwhen you are applying for a new job, seeking a better job than the current one, or looking to improve your online work profile. There is one common element in all the mentioned scenarios,which increases your chances of success– and that is recommendations. Work recommendations reveal so much more than just how you did in your last job. Work recommendations also disclose about your character, your skills and area of specialization, work history and work ethics.

Having established work recommendations is counted as an integral factor in influencing success options; we explain how you can ask someone for a recommendation. Since we all know, social media sites have taken the world (of internet) by a storm and made life easier for us. A similar social media site like LinkedIn truly understands the real value of recommendations and facilitates its users with how we request recommendations.

Here is a series of six steps you need to remember before asking someone for a recommendation next time. They are as follow:

Devise a strategy related to your recommendation application. You should be clear on the facts such as why you need a recommendation, for what purpose you require a recommendation and which people you need to approach to get your recommendation. Properly formulating such a strategy can make things easier for you.

You need to have a very well written but at the same time a very well rounded recommendation. When we say “well-rounded” recommendation, we not only mean that you should have your recommendation written by your boss but also you should involve others like your peers, colleagues at your work place, your clients and your suppliers. This leads you to getting a recommendation based on an over-all view of what you are and consequently it aids your future employers, as well.

Who does not like to be paid those extra few bucks for the extra effort they put in their job? Well, that is not always the case. You will be willing to do a task voluntarily only if you realize the benefits associated. Therefore, if you already know about its related benefits and have involved in one such work, you should have it mentioned in your recommendation. The lack of money associated with it does not lessen the voluntarily work’s importance. Furthermore, it will also let your new employer know that you are willing to put in extra hard work or go that extra mile—and believe me; it is always a plus point.

When seeking your recommendation you should know who to go. It is suggested that you should know the person well before turning up to him to write your recommendation. One year, on average, is a good enough duration to know someone before asking for a recommendation. Moreover you should also know each other to an extent that if you write your recommendation yourself and give it to them to sign, they would not hesitate or think twice before signing it.

As a frequently asked question, you should know that two recommendations per job are good enough. Care should be taken that the two recommendations contain different aspects.

It is a good practice to review your recommendation before posting it. One unique feature of LinkedIn is that it lets you single out which recommendations you want to show.