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100 Most Expensive Keywords on Google

Google is a six letter word with 3 primary colors that grossed $66 billion dollars last year. What’s less commonly known about google’s revenue is where it comes from. Don’t fear, for Pacific54 is here! We’ve been Google Partners since 2014 and have harnessed their great power in our effort to aggressively market our clients […]

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How Monitoring Backlinks Can Maximize Your Search Ranking

Have your rankings tanked recently? Worried that someone built bad backlinks to your website? Read this blog to learn the importance of monitoring backlinks! Your website’s online health is crucial to optimizing for search ranking. Many webmasters, do-it-yourselfers, agencies, and even organizations forget that websites can be considered sick in the eyes of a search […]

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10 Things to Keep in Mind During Content Creation

Almost anyone can begin a blog on any subject they are interested in discussing. Although it is fairly easy to start a blog there, are things you should understand about creating content. The following is a listing that you should remember for your content creation process. Successful content creation is a huge part of successful […]

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How to Get Organic Do-Follow Backlinks On Reddit

The all coveted dofollow backlinks that Reddit possess can instantly increase your website rankings as well as give you exposure to a highly targeted audience. Reddit is a strange, twisted place and while it’s sometimes a hit or miss scenario, the following strategies have hit for me every time. Proper backlink implementation that SEO marketing companies, […]

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How The Google My Business App Can Increase Conversions and ROI

Since the release of the new Google My Business (GMB) platform, the SEO community has been buzzing about its implications for internet marketing. Pacific 54 has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and knows firsthand that the Google My Business app is pivotal in achieving success from working with local companies and being experts in […]

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