Seven Tips To Support Your Search Engine Marketing Efforts

Making a website is similar to building a house that needs to have a proper plan before the construction work takes place. A well thought out strategy is needed for creating a website. The importance of considering all the details prior to developing a website are further increased because your search engine marketing success is solely reliant on your website. A well-built website with firm fundamental basis accompanied by future input leads to optimization. Therefore, a flourishing website, similar to the architectural designs of your house, is dependent on a detailed specifications document.

Fail to plan = Plan to fail

If you do not know about which route to take to reach your destination, you are likely to get astray. You can lost track if you are not clear about what you want to accomplish or what your goals are. This perfectly applies to your website. If we equate our website equal to the ultimate destination, we get to know that the specification documents come out to be equal to the routes takes to get to the destination. The journey is extensive so no matter how much knowledge you have about “spec doc”, it is never enough.

You can start by learning about the aim, vision and goal of the website. They contain questions related to proving a pertinent insight, an in detail study of the existing website, the website of your competitors. Furthermore, discussions with the design and development teams are also useful.

The effects – the snowflake effects

Specification documents can be short or long, precise or extensive. They can be just filled up with plain old text or they can contain lustrous pictures and stunning bar graphs. Every e-commerce website will be different from another. An e-commerce website required for selling just a small number of different products will only need around 20 pages worth of your ideas and suggestions. Even though, no two e-commerce website can ever be same, but they all follow a basic structure. The basic structure includes several steps starting from Reason for the document, Description of the project, Front-end functionality, Back-end functionality, Use cases to ending at the Conclusion.

Delivering what can be delivered

A well-built spec doc lets the D ‘n’ D team – Designers and Developers – to carry on with their while staying away from any element of shock to the client or the user. Costs and scope of the work are kept under control by a well-built spec doc, which also gives a precise estimate of the time required.

Seven vital tricks for creating an excellent spec doc:

  1. Time to be used up on the spec doc should be proportional to the actual budget in realistic ratios.
  2. It is a wise idea to think about the website and details, such structure, wire frames etc., before starting a spec doc.
  3. Wire frame of the homepage makes it easier to work on the other portions of the website, therefore start with working on the home page first.
  4. As for redesigning, learn from the old website as how all its sections worked.
  5. Be sure that your spec documents envelopes all sections of the website. Leaving an empty section like TBA is just not acceptable.
  6. The spec doc should relate to practicality. Only include the details on the spec doc that can be realistic.
  7. Make sure you and your clients are talking on the same lines. Avoid any possible misunderstandings. Help them out with technical details of the spec doc like those related to JavaScript and HTML.