Should we worry about Google Panda Update?

Panda update is a Google algorithm change which has affect a lot of websitesgoogle-panda-update-side-image on rankings it also affected local SEO.  A good example is Search engine optimization Miami which has been hit.

This update has been very strict and started to take effect immediately after it has been announced. Google made this change on their old algorithm because they wanted to get rid of duplicated and farm contents. Even big sites like Ezine Articles have been hit hard and it has dropped a lot on Google position rankings. Google is trying to return results based on quality content and with Panda update webmasters should take care for Quality content.

Are you safe from Panda update?

This question has been asked many times from Webmasters. Everyone is being afraid that this panda update can affect their rankings.

There are two types of webmasters: Those who make panic for no reason and those who make panic because they are breaking the rules. If you are creating quality content to your site and creating quality backlinks than there is no reason to be afraid from Panda update. This algorithm update has a very clearly goal, to destroy all the duplicated and content farms from search results. If you don’t have duplicated and low quality content than do not worry for this update. Keep doing your job. Pacific54 will give you latest news from updates so just do the usual backlinking and unique content writing.

Is duplicated content still a myth?

It used to be a time when duplicated content was just a myth for Google algorithm. But times change and the algorithm has changed. Nowadays with Panda update Google is able to know if the article is duplicated or not. It is able to know who wrote the article firstly. With this updates you have to take care on your content. Quality is becoming more and more important for Google rankings. If you create duplicated content than you will be punished by Google.

Is Panda Update Good for me?

Analyzing the first paragraphs you will immediately understand that if you have a quality website with quality articles and a variety of different type of links than you will see good results from Panda update. This algorithm update has been created especially to help peoples who work in a white hat and legitimate way to rank higher on SERPS.  Peoples who are creating websites just for advertising purpose will suffer the most. If you are doing black hat techniques to rank your website higher on SERPS than you have to really be careful as Google is becoming more and more clever and more and more strict to the results that they are showing.

Google always want to play by rules so respect the rules to get higher page rank and higher SERPS. Trying to fool their algorithm will not work, especially nowadays. The best thing for all the webmaster would be to work on White Hat and legitimate ways that Google likes. Create quality content and different type of backlinks as the diversity of backlinks on Google panda update plays a big role. Do your job on a white hat way and stay away from sand box and Google punishments. Search engine optimization Miami is ready to give you different advices on Google algorithm updates. Come back for more information.