10 Signs You’re Paying For A Bad Web Design

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Consumers beware! Web design is an industry full of liars, cheaters, and scam artist and paying someone for a bad web design is unfortunately a commonality.

One minute you think you’re dealing with a graphics whiz who dreams in code; and the next minute your budget is tapped out, and your landing page looks like a Freddy Kreuger nightmare.

As a full-service web marketing company, Pacific54 knows what they’re talking about when it comes to the significance of Visual Appeal of Web Design.

10 Signs Your Web Designer Is Building You A Bad Web Design.

bad web design

10. Your Site Is Ugly

It looks like it was made for free on Geocities in 1996, by a teenage girl who loves sparkly animated gifs.



bad web design

9. Uncontactable

Phone always goes straight to voicemail. But the voicemail account hasn’t been set up yet. And the “phone” is actually a GoogleVoice number registered out of state. Last time you spoke was when “the designer” requested an advance on work that’s still not done.



bad web design

8. Wrong Info

Almost all the information on your website is wrong. Your name is spelled wrong, your company name is spelled wrong, and all your bio says is “Lorem Ipsum,” whatever that means. But you know what’s spelled correctly? His contact info.



bad web design

7. Horrible Grammar

Your company information reads like it was outsourced to a guy who only speaks Punjabi, and works on a fleamarket typewriter in Karachi.



bad web design

6. The Worst Pictures

What did your web designer do, go bargain hunting in the “My toddler drew this on a placemat” section of StockPhotos.com



Ugly graphic

5. Ugly Colors

Chartreuse background, yellow text, and puke green links? Thanks a lot. It looks like somebody projectile vomited alphabet soup on my new Retina display. Take a look at the Worst Websites From Around The Web.



Ugly Portfolio

4. Horrible Portfolio

Wow, you once designed a flier for a rapper on Myspace, a flea market in Ocala, and a polka tribute concert? Really impressive stuff bud.




3. Changes Your Passwords

This all too common form of extortion is one of the oldest tricks in the bastard web designer from hell handbook.




2. Pathological Liar

He lied about the timeline, lied about the cost, lied about his process, lied about results. He lied about everything. He’s even lying right now. He’s a lying liar who lies about everything.



Blah blah blah

1. He Never Did The Work

He charged you a consulting fee to show up to your office and eat all the donuts. He charged you a design fee to make an ugly mockup you rejected for the front page. He cashed your checks, disconnected his phone, and disappeared.


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