Slack Tips & Tricks, The Messaging App That Improves Productivity

The whole point of Slack is to do more work in less time by streamlining the process of communication, and integrating your apps. Slack is a team chat app that allows a quicker more efficient way to communicate with your employees.

But what makes it different from GChat, Skype or E-mail? The myriad ways in which the app works in your browser with the tools you already use.

When collaborating with multiple people on Social Media Marketing projects, companies like Pacific 54, use Slack for quicker communication. This allows more high-quality content to be released to the masses in a shorter amount of time.

But you’ll never be able to unleash the full potential of the app unless you know what it can do, and how to do it. Here are some handy slack tips to help you slack your way to productivity. Slack is a widely successful company with over 5 Million Daily Active users that are saving hours of time, why aren’t you?

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Why We Like Zapier for App Integration with Slack

Zapier allows users to “Create zaps and connect apps,” and it really is that simple.

The automation for interconnectivity is a boon for productivity when you can easily link Slack with Google Drive, Dropbox, MailChimp, Meetup, Firebase, and over 400 total productivity, media, cloud, and project management apps.

The company claims to have saved users over 9.7million hours of work in 2014, and we believe them.


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WordPress To Slack Integration

Let’s say that you run a company in charge of 10 websites engineered, marketed by, and blogged to by 5 different people.

With Slack you can set alerts so that when an article goes live by Joe the copywriter, it will alert Sasha the social media editor to post an Instagram link, and Kelly the syndication leader to distribute it via an email newsletter.

It’s as easy as installing a WordPress plugin and configuring it through Slack. For companies that function as team, it only makes sense to apply Slack tips for a massive increase in efficiency.


slack tips

Push The Up Arrow To Edit Your Last Message

Do you hate typos as much as your co-workers?

Never get caught in an embarrassing grammar war feedback loop.

Simply tap the up arrow and edit your last message without the need for pesky mouse drags, swipes, or clicks.


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Slash Remind

This handy alert tool can remind you of any written statement at any time you choose. All you have to do is type /remind and use one of three formats, in minutes, by relative date, or by numerical date.

For example, /remind me in 7 weeks that 7 weeks have passed since I wrote this command. Sure enough, exactly 7 weeks from today you’ll receive a slack from the past informing you that you in fact did so.


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Time Logging on Project Management Software

Whether you use Teamwork, Asana, Blossom, Pivotal Tracker, or a growing list of project management solutions, you can control the flow of information for the creation of tasks and the tracking of their progress, and their ultimate completion via handy alerts automated via triggers that enable their push.

Find out who’s working on what, and what goals they’ve met without having to look for the information yourself.


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Incoming Leads To Slack

With a little bit of coding know how, you can create a bot for Slack via their open API to feed you data on new leads at the moment that individual users express an interest in your product or service.

This actionable intelligence could mean the difference between a sale and a lost opportunity.

Any time a user triggers an individual metric on your website, get an instant push notification through Slack and act accordingly.


slack tips

Mentions To Slack

Want to know about every single tweet that mentions your company without having to constantly switch browser tabs? This is how you do it


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Search Hacks – link to search modifiers

Along with being a team chat app, one of the most powerful functionalities in Slack is search.

All text posted through the system (that hasn’t been deleted) is full retrievable using any of a number of parameters including month, relative time, channel name, user name, emoji, links, it’s actually pretty incredible.

If you’re looking for a message from:Jenny before:3p.m. during:April that has::smile:: you can find it.

So now that you know a few slack tips and tricks to make your Slacking more efficient, get started with Slack Messaging Today!