Can I Effectively Use Snapchat Marketing Campaigns to Market My Business?

Snapchat is a popular photo and video messaging app that most of you probably don’t know how to use-and that’s okay.

Creating an account and playing around in the app for a few minutes will show you all you need to know.

The app is basic, but it’s marketing potential isn’t. Snapchat is currently worth about 3.6 billion dollars, with up to 350 million snaps being shared per day. It has more users than Twitter & LinkedIn.

snapchat marketing campaigns

Snapchat marketing campaigns is particularly effective at marketing towards Millennial consumers. Millennial’s love stories, and the very nature of the app (as it offers just video and picture images) is perfectly designed in order deliver short, personal stories privately or publicly.

snapchat marketing campaigns


Karmaloop’s Snapchat Campaign, Minus the Bikini

Last year, the Marketing Director of Karmaloop used Snapchat to gain 2000 new customers by showcasing fun, risqué videos of their clothing models.

The popular television show “Girls” recently used Snapchat marketing campaigns to promote its new season, the campaign itself going viral on Twitter and Facebook.

snapchat marketing campaigns

Snapchat Logo Changed for The Day for HBO’s Girl’s Premier

That being said, not every business is edgy and trendy enough to use Snapchat to market to customers, right? Wrong.

No matter what you do, your niche is somewhere among the hundreds of million of Snapchat users, and it’s your job to find them.

Snapchat marketing campaigns is all about getting attention, so the goal is to create semi shocking material that your consumers care about.

With this app, it’s not about how far your reach is, it’s about how many people care.

Feeling a little uninspired? That’s okay. Use Snapchat to send out coupons and deals. The 10 second limit on the material (unless you are using the timeline-in which case users can see your content for up to 24 hours) will force users to remember what’s in the ad, and you can even make it more interesting by requiring users to mention something specific in order to redeem the offer.

snapchat marketing campaigns


Grub Hub Snapchat Coupon

“But I don’t even have time to tweet, how am I suppose to manage this also?”. Let the consumers do the work.

Use another platform to promote Snapchat content, where the best snappers receive a special deal, offer, promotion etc. Then, sit back and watch your inbox fill up.

This strategy has been successfully used by Taco Bell and 16 Handles-a New York based frozen yogurt company.

Lastly, make sure to re-purpose your current email lists, social media following, and blog subscribers in order to gain friends on Snapchat.

I predict that in the near future, users will be able to create shared content, which will give businesses the opportunity to create conversations on the app, making it an even more valuable marketing tool.

Social media is a crucial aspect when it comes to marketing a brand or product. Pacific54 knows that, which is why we utilize Snapchat Marketing Campaigns as one of our factors in providing unparalleled Social Media Marketing for our clients.