Snapchat Trophies, Because Everyone Deserves to Win


Snapchat madness has officially reached Pet Rock and Tamagotchi levels of fame. Snapchat, for those of you that are unfamiliar with the name, is a fun messaging application that allows you to send videos and images that disappear after your friends see it. Users – or “snappers” as they call themselves- are said to grow obsessed with the app and are accidentally walking into light posts all across the globe. Typical posts include: brunch, bae, food, videos of concerts with anticlimactic lights, dogs sleeping, cats sleeping, people sleeping, toilet selfies, creeper zooms, and our personal favorite gym selfies.

Were you aware that Snapchat awards users trophies for achievements? Neither were we.

As web marketers, we feel responsible for being up to date with emerging technological trends. Instead of researching and writing about Snapchat we decided to dive our thumbs into the app and document how we earned 5 trophies.

Baby Face Trophy

babyAchievement: Snap score reaches 10. 

The journey begins with a front camera filter. Wallet size prints available upon request.


Lollipop Trophy


Achievement: Using 5 or more colors in one Snap.

Adopting new technologies does not mean abandoning taste and culture. Shout out to one of our favorite Post-Impressionist artist Vincent Van Gogh.


Microscope Trophy


Achievement: 10 video snaps using zoom feature. 

Working in Miami’s Wynwood Art District exposes the P54 team to art, culture, and enough photo shoots to fill Vogue’s September issue. Needless to say, this was a perfect opportunity to collect the microscope trophy.


One Finger Up Trophy


Achievement: Sending a Snap with one filter applied.

We discovered that Snapchat allows you to record videos with music playing on the device! The tool left us no choice but to reenact Jurassic Park; the dark filter gave for an authentic pterodactyl vibe.

Hear No Evil Monkey

hear-no-evil-monkeyAchievement: Sending a video snap without sound.

The blinking red record button that surrounds one’s thumb during a video Snap is inspirational. It’s that very rush that led this P54 snapper to dangerous heights (their nervous heavy nervous breathing was the perfect opportunity to earn the video snap with no sound trophy.)