The Rise of Native Advertising

Native advertising has revolutionized the way advertisers capture the attention of consumers. According to industry experts native advertising is set to DOUBLE by 2018. Now before you go and ask your favorite advertising agency, ahem Pacific54 who specializes in Paid Advertising, to invest your budget in native ads we figured everyone needed a clear understanding of what native advertising is.

Native advertising is advertising that matches the form and function of the platform upon which it appears. These types of ads primarily live online on social media and website subsidiaries of news sources. For example, do you ever scroll through your facebook and see a sponsored post from Dunkin Donuts under your friends update? You are experiencing native advertising.

How about when you fill an online shopping cart with a slew of items and then find those items being featured in ads in the middle of a Buzzfeed article? (ARGH, WE KNOW THOSE HURT US TOO!) You are once again experiencing native advertising.

The feeling a National Geographic photographer gets when they capture the sun rising over the Serengeti is the way web marketers feel when they successfully capture an audience through a native advertisement.

Here are the native advertisements we dream of seeing in 2016:

Trade an iWatch for a Year of Meals for a Child in Need

native advertising

DJ Khaled‘s Self-Improvement Book

native advertising

Honest Brand: “Feel Like you Slept 8 Hours”

with full endorsement from Jessica Alba.

Cheat Code Generator for Uber Rides

native advertising

MAHB= Moms Against Hover Boards

native advertising