Top 10 Features of VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems

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Landlines are so last century.  It’s time you start doing business on the cutting edge of technology and get yourself a ‘Cloud Phone’ or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telecom solution.

VoIP and ‘Click To Call’ rules!

Here are the top 10 time and money saving features of voip

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10. Unlimited Minutes

Have a client who never shuts up? Don’t worry, they won’t cost you a dime extra to talk to.

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9. Flexible Rates On International Calls

Need to communicate with a factory in China, a buyer in Brazil, or a supplier in Mexico? No worries, internet phone calls are substantially cheaper than land lines. One of the many amazing features of voip.

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8. Find Me/Follow Me

Need to have calls forwarded to your personal cell phone when you are traveling or on the road? You can create and customize these settings easily.

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7. Service Level Agreements

Reputable VoIP providers state in-contract what your expectations should be of their service specs and operational support. Make sure your provider offers a service level agreement.

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6. Live Customer Support

When communications issues occur it’s imperative that you have someone to talk to and troubleshoot your problem with. Less reputable companies won’t offer this, and with them you’ll need it more that with anybody else.

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5. Mobile Phone Solutions

Your iPhone, Samsung, and Android are as important to your business as your office is, so integrate your lines and consolidate their functions.

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4. Forward Voicemail to Email

Let’s face it, accessing and listening to voicemails is an inefficient way to spend your days and nights. All real business moguls have their voicemail messages forwarded to their email. An amazing feature that Business Insider also agrees.

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3. Add Extra Lines Easily and On The Fly

There aren’t limits placed on the number of outbound calls you can make at once, so take advantage and maximize your service.

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2. Video Conferencing

Assemble your team for meetings no matter where on the planet they are. And see each other face to face with real time high quality video.

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1. Works Anywhere There Is Internet

Any place and any time that you can get online you will have this entire range of features of voip available to help your business grow. Meanwhile you’ll be saving time and money on your vocal communications infrastructure, and spending it where you need it most.