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Top 5 Pet Friendly Workspaces in Miami

Have you ever found yourself arguing with photoshop or praying for better wifi signal in your office? US TOO! The solution to most problems is simple: PET A DOG, inhale, exhale, and annihilate the issue! This week’s post is dedicated to pets and tech in Miami, because sometimes you have to work in the city […]

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10 Things to Keep in Mind During Content Creation

Almost anyone can begin a blog on any subject they are interested in discussing. Although it is fairly easy to start a blog there, are things you should understand about creating content. The following is a listing that you should remember for your content creation process. Successful content creation is a huge part of successful […]

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SEO Miami

Top 10 Absolutely Vital Web Marketing Techniques for 2014

Every business owner knows that there are only so many hours in a day, and only so much work that you can do yourself within them. That is why the key to professional management is efficiently delegating tasks, and insuring their completion.

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10 Signs You’re Paying For A Bad Web Design

Consumers beware! Web design is an industry full of liars, cheaters, and scam artist and paying someone for a bad web design is unfortunately a commonality. One minute you think you’re dealing with a graphics whiz who dreams in code; and the next minute your budget is tapped out, and your landing page looks like […]

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Top 10 Features of VoIP and Cloud Phone Systems

Landlines are so last century.  It’s time you start doing business on the cutting edge of technology and get yourself a ‘Cloud Phone’ or VoIP (voice over internet protocol) telecom solution. VoIP and ‘Click To Call’ rules! Here are the top 10 time and money saving features of voip 10. Unlimited Minutes Have a client […]

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