Top 5 Apps That Are Missing In Miami

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Who wants to be a billionaire?!

Miami is one of the most mobile device obsessed cities in the USA. And that means all the future disruptive industry dominators in the universe should be right here on our fair shores testing the market for their products.

Unfortunately for us, most tech companies and startups are based in tired old cities like San Francisco, New York, and London. Sure they may be world capitals, but they don’t have sun, surf, palm trees, or as high an obsession with luxury and convenience as we do here. If they moved here they’d have premiere marketing companies such as Pacific 54 to help them take their Apps to the next level. If only..

That’s why we’ve created this handy list of the top 5 apps that are missing for the people in Miami. C’mon down. Enjoy!



This premium dry cleaning and laundry service founded in San Francisco delivers your freshly pressed duds right to your door after meticulous washing and drying. Now that’s a premium fashion expense Miami would love to have available for all the trendy hipsters, sharp dressed business pros, fashionistas, and those who like to dress like them.



This site operates on the visceral response to hot selfies and applies it to meeting a stranger for a drink at a bar. The difference between this and the competition? No chatting. Flipping on the app shows that you’re available for invites, and other users can see your personal story and your pics to decide whether they want to ask you out. You select a mutually agreed upon destination, show up, and either go home laughing, crying, or in love. No back and forth texting, no time wasted. Currently operating in London, this could be a boon for the booming bar scene in the heavy tourist mecca that is South Beach, as well as the rollicking singles scene of all South Florida.



This incredible idea makes it easy to hire a private chef to be your personal shopper, cook, and cleanup crew for just $25 per person on weeknights, with upsells for weekends, and higher service levels. People in Miami would get to choose your chef based on their menu, and there’s plenty of great food pics to lure you in. User ratings reveal the people’s champs, with comments on their abilities (or shortfalls). Chefs can cater for one or for many, and the app has recently integrated with Uber in NYC for a pick-me-up-and-drop-me-off option at the touch of a pin drop. Most amazing of all, weekday service takes place in a 30 minute time frame.



This app could singlehandedly eliminate the need for intoxicated people in Miami to drive over to their local liquor store for more booze. And it can also change the way sober folks shop for liquor at the touch of a button. A designated shopper will go to a store in your area and hand deliver your beer, wine, liquor, and even cherries, limes, and Redbull. They can bring the order to your front door, or your big yellow towel on the beach. The service does not uptax your cost of drinks either. Just add a tip from your stored credit card information and keep on guzzling.


1. VIA

This $5 flat fee ride sharing service works from 6:30a.m. to 9p.m. on weekdays and delivers NYC passengers anywhere between Harlem and downtown Manhattan. Specializing in workday commuters looking for an alternative to public transportation that is cheaper than a cab VIA caters to users who don’t mind sitting next to a stranger headed their same direction. The business is an effective copy of the Uber Pool service that exists in San Francisco, which operates similarly. And with all of the traffic between South Beach, Miami International Airport, Downtown, Brickell, and Wynwood, this service offers people in Miami such as workers, tourists, and business people alike a positive alternative to piloting and parking their own gas guzzler through the mean streets of the MIA.