Top 5 Metrics You Should Track For Your Website

You can almost measure everything in the world of online marketing. Indeed, it is audacious tostrong your position using online platforms for marketing your business because you are very close to your customers and several barriers are shattered. Using various analytic gears, you can reach your customer’s mind and soul within no time. However, it is not hard in getting yourself trapped in the statistics and graphs. You have to make sure that you are using the graphs and statistics positively in efforts of online marketing.To get desired success, every marketer should be tracking these five ways:

Right Track of Bounce Rate

A bounce rate of a page means the percentage of people leaving your website after checking that page. A page having high bounce rate means that it is performing not well and you need to check it. You can make analysis by testing high bounce rate pages to low bounce rate pages. This will help you getting the idea of how to make your pages attention grabbing, and keep the viewers on it for long.

Improving Conversion Rate

A landing page is the main page of anywebsite, which is sometimes known as a lead capture page and appears when someone hits upon an advertisement. You have to make sure that people are converting into leads by decorating the call of action tool with special offers and attention grabbing content. If you are successful in doing this, it clearly reflects your initial achievement in online marketing. Conversion rate is the percentage of people doing a desired task provided on the particular page. If conversion rate of any specific page is high, that means it is doing good.

Targeting Traffic Sources

Traffic sources will help you know the source of traffic through which users come on to your website. This is a good way to know the prior website, which changed the mind of visitor. As a result, you can work more efficiently on those areas and check where you are going wrong.Every business has their own marketing strategies, you can check where are you getting more audiences from and modify the part of your strategies so that you can maximize your targets.

Sensibly Analyzing Keywords

You can get to know what terms people are using when they reach your website in search engine by site keywords. It can help you a lot in knowing what customers are looking for when they reach your website. Users might use lateral keywords when they show up on your web page. No doubt, keywords are vital in search engine optimizations and can contribute a lot in gaining web traffic.

Pattern of Visitors

The number of visitors is the number of each individual login on to your website. You have to keep a check on how many people visit your website and through what means. It can depend on your social media strategies, that whether you are linking your website on social networks or by through SEO campaign. If large number of visitors comes on to your website, itmeans your hard work is paying off.