How Low Can Basel Go? The Unconventional Guide to #ABMB14

Art Basel Miami is officially here, which means 24-hour parties, long days at the convention center, and a constant stampede of hipsters in Wynwood – all par the course for Miami’s premier art event.

It’s no fun being normal though.

So here’s our ultimate guide to the off-beat activities you can join in on during this Art Basel Miami season:


Take an #ArtBaselNap

The Marina Abramovic Insitute is planning to offer free, unlimited naps at their booth this year, guided by trained facilitators.

Tired feet?

Buyers’ remorse?

Extremely hungover?

Have a nap. Marina will take care of you.


Watch Andre 3000 Try Art

Andre 3000 (yes, he’s still out there) has announced a collaboration with SCAD, Jimmy O’Neal and Greg Brunkalla to “conduct a broader conversation about language and context” using his ridiculous jumpsuits  – and this is all going down during Basel.

Something about projectors and paintings and those jumpsuits – we’re not really sure. One thing’s for sure – it’s going to be “iconic”.


Fill a Pit With Old Technology .. For Like No Reason

Working in conjunction with Locust Projects–one of Wynwood’s premier exhibition spaces; Ohio-based artist Daniel Arsham brings his newest exhibit to Miami for Art Basel, transforming the gallery by digging a trench in the floor then filling the trench with broken 20th century media symbols. …art.


Make a Statement By Walking Really Slowly Around SoBe

Performance artist Brittany Bailey and Marina Abramovic Institute’s YoungArts program combine to bring Art Basel visitors a unique way to – walk around South Beach.

Join Bailey and many others as they make a statement about considering each step we take by thoroughly aggravating people in a hurry walking behind them.


Watch These PVC Pipes Turn Into a Living Creature. Mind. Blown.

Okay this one is actually awesome.

If you’ve never heard of the engineering genius Theo Jansen or his pvc-inspired and uber-creepy Strandbeest, go ahead and watch this Youtube video.

You should probably go to this.



Help Random People With Their Personal Problems

art basel miami

Anybody with an aversion to psychiatrists probably wants to avoid Mexican artist Pedro Reyes’s Basel exhibit “Sanatorium.”

A mix of art and psychology, the exhibit comes together as a faux-clinic, complete with receptionists and “trained” (by Reyes) therapists who are tasked with helping each visitor with their personal needs.

Eye-rolling free of charge.


Get Real Weird in Beer Pong

art basel miami

As if beer pong didn’t have enough versions of itself (we’ve all met the people who have their own rule system suspiciously altered to benefit their perceived strengths…in other words, cheaters), Beck’s has decided to sponsor their own Weird Pong contest.

Self-explanatory, weird, and both potentially disastrous and potentially awesome: the essence of Basel.


lSit Through a Ballet About the Internet

art basel miami

Enough said.



Come Party With Us

art basel miami



What’s better than a weird art showcase in the heart of Wynwood? A weird art showcase in the heart of Wynwood featuring Tito’s Vodka. Join us at Pacific 54 on Friday, December 5th for Pacific54 + Tito’s Vodka Do Basel.

Drinks, music, artists, musicians, and a slew of various people who fit under other random labels.

All proceeds benefit the Miami Light Project for emerging artists.

Party for a cause – Link up with Pacific 54 & let’s kick off Art Basel Miami right!