Usability Testing: Why is it hot?

Let’s begin with what is Usability testing? It is basically a technique, which is widely used to test a product on users. The primary motive of Usability testing is to assure the performance of system and its effects on users.  Most of us consider it unnecessary fuss that eats up a lot of time and may disrupt your system quite a few times. On the other hand, technology geeks with a more cautious approach consider Usability testing one of its important components.

If this is done well, your design will be best at all levels due to on time changes by the team. Still, if you spend a bit of time on Usability testing, your design team will be able to take significant steps that will improve the overall process.

It is human psychology that we get ideas very quickly while observing other people. Before launch, if the design team gets an opportunity to see common reaction, they can further add to it and cover any loopholes indicated by the user.

Sometimes, we completely neglect the viewpoint of end user that creates a gap of communication and ideas between the design and customer’s perception about the business. You must consider Usability testing a critical success factors – especially in technology and creative business. Here’s why you should think about Usability testing seriously:

The kiss of data

No doubt, this is one of the dreams of every business to know what customers think about them. It will certainly not be a good idea to ask them directly; rather you can observe their behavior during Usability testing and quickly analyze their suggestions before incorporating any changes in the stagey &design.

Unprecedented revelations

Usability testing is sometimes avoided to escape from bitter truth. Developers, designers and all stakeholders can come across the real picture of their business and proposed design in the eyes of customer. This could be a turning point of your whole project; if the customer does not like the system and functionality at all, you would think of altering it to bring necessary additions and deletions in order to make it perfect the way it will have more demand.

On the other hand, you can face delightful expressions which will give a thought that why didn’t you consider it earlier. However, mostly the advantages of Usability testing are in the favor of business as they act as an assessment indicator.

Dynamics within the Relationship

Relationship among team members will be at its best. You cannot expect one to be right all the times. At last, customer’s voice has to be valued and considered while finalizing the design. It may happen that any of two members, having different thoughts, are proved wrong by the observance of customer’s response to the design presented.

Users’ Love

Usability testing is a great way of minimizing the distance between a customer and business. Sharing of ideas and voicing it through a proper channel with help the customer to have a personalized feeling about business.