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Power & Psychology Of Color In Advertising

Do colors make you feel a certain way or bring back specific memories for some inexplicable reason? Does seeing red provide a feeling of alertness as seeing blue eases your stress and anxiety? Colors not only attract and stimulate the senses but they’ve also been playing a major role in creating alluring marketing campaigns for […]

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3 Marketing Predictions for 2015 That No One is Recognizing

As the final days of 2014 come to a close, click baiting marketers everywhere are releasing their “Top 10 Marketing Trend Predictions for 2015” – which annoys me every year. We all know the trends because we’re the ones creating the trends. Either way, I felt inspired to add my two cents this year and […]

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Smart Sites Engage Visitors Through Goal Oriented Interactive Design

Set The Pace Of Traffic The move in web design from static pages that employ basic linear storytelling to simply convey a message is finally moving into application-driven design with built-in conversion goals promulgated by interactivity. This smart-design concept uses native intelligence to adapt all site content to its point of access: from smart-watch sized […]

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10 Signs You’re Paying For A Bad Web Design

Consumers beware! Web design is an industry full of liars, cheaters, and scam artist and paying someone for a bad web design is unfortunately a commonality. One minute you think you’re dealing with a graphics whiz who dreams in code; and the next minute your budget is tapped out, and your landing page looks like […]

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Mastering WordPress Web Design: What is the Role Of Passion?

Learning a discipline or a new skill requires some passion, which is associated with commitment, continuous practice and repetition in a different order.

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