What are the 7 ways to increase Facebook fans?

Facebook Fan PagesIn this highly competitive environment, maintaining a business Facebook page has become very challenging. You regularly update the status and content with engaging and enlightening facts. How will you ensure that when a new visitor who does not know much about your business drops by your page will revere the stuff and hit upon like button?

E-commerce, publishers and B2B can be helped by the seven steps, which are mentioned below. Before we follow this, I want to tell you that you can take numerous benefits from this increasing number of your fans on Facebook Fan page. I am going to explain these seven steps one by one with the help of examples.

Step 1

Whenever you visit a Facebook fan page, you see the context on the page nothing eye catching or interactive. To get more fans on your page, you need to customize it, make it bit interesting so that users have an interest to look further. You can do this by adding custom landing tab to your Facebook fan page.

Step 2

If you have gained customers trust and want to put it to next level, you can play a little monopoly by giving some exclusive offers for liking your page. This may also help increasing fans and followers of your page. This is for those who are already selling their products in the market mostly and have maintained a good reputation.

Step 3

Sometimes people need a little push to click the like button on Facebook fan page. You can bribe them – not literally, you can give them little incentives. For instance, if they click on the “Like” button, more options or product information will be shared. Creating some sort of curiosity can help you get the button clicked at a higher percentage.

Step 4

It is very important to have engaging and attention grabbing call-to-action button, which will inevitably compel site visitors to take an action. If you manage to do this, you will be able to score lots of fans easily. This method is effective when it comes to implementing things and while introducing something new.

Step 5

You can create various opportunities of getting the user like the page. This can be achieved by highlighting the part on the welcome tab to like the page or can customize it by adding your visitors name on the page and welcoming them by adding a bit of personalization.

Step 6

Anxiety is always there, try to tease the users by not providing them full information or hide the basic portion of the fan page and make them like it, so that they can view the rest of it. It is only wise when your brand, service or product is very popular in customers.

Step 7

Providing your fans with basic information about your product or service and making the page valuable can earn you desired number of fans. It can be achieved by posting relevant and quality stuff regularly. The more you make your page look eye catching and satisfying the user, will help you earn many like clicks.Try to update it as much as you can and provide relevant content to make people click on the “Like Tab”.