Where Has Google Local Business Center Gone?

If you are searching for Google Local Business Center, stop looking. Things have changed as Google has been rebranding based on Place Pages which emerged last autumn. The new Google Local Business Center is named Google Places. Haven’t heard of Place Pages? In a nut shell, Place Pages refers to the business listings found in local searches on Google. These pages include up to date data about specific businesses in one location. Most listings feature contact details, images, reviews, and other vital information. Along with the switch to Google Places, a number of handy features have been added to the business listings.

Specification of Service Areas
Many different companies operate on a local level, offering their service in a specified area. This can make it difficult to appear in the right searches online. Google Places helps businesses get in touch with the right customers by including service areas in their listings. Businesses can also opt to keep their physical address hidden. This is an excellent option for companies that do not operate out of a storefront.

Tag Purchase Options
Google Places now allows businesses to spend $25 per month to use tags with their listings on Google Maps. These tags, which appear as bold yellow markers, allow the business to present certain details they want a potential customer to see. This includes images, services, and coupons. Currently, tags are not available everywhere. Only a few test cities can support this feature. Additional locations will be added in the near future.

Free Photo Shoot Option
Google offers a free photo shoot to business who are interested in allowing the interior of their office to be photographed. These images will be included on their Place Page, which could help put a face on the company for internet browsers. Businesses are also permitted to take their own photographs and add them to their Place Page. Just like tags, this is only available in certain locations, but the list is expected to grow.

More Detailed Information
Google Places expands up on the information available to businesses that use it. Until this update, businesses had no idea who was searching for them and how they were being found. After Google Places, businesses can see where their visitors came from, how they were discovered, and who is looking at their listing.

There are many benefits to Google Places. Overall, Google has created more functionality and detail for businesses that want to grow their online customer base.