Which Social Media Giant Will Dominate the News Sector?

twitter-momentsLong gone are the days of waking up and picking up the morning paper. Now, we wake up, unlock our mobile devices, and scroll through our favorite social media platforms to access the latest news (unless you forgot to plug in your phone last night).

Social media is now bringing news to the fingertips of millions. With the increase in access of news via social media comes a new field of competition. The competition for the attention of news readers on social media is growing as this new approach to news is adopted. The leading contenders in the news distribution battle are Apple, Twitter, Snapchat, and Facebook. In this post, Pacific54 explores these media leaders and how they plan to dominate the remediation of news.

Twitter Momentstwitter-moments

Twitter was the pioneer in breaking news. The platform embraced hashtags and allowed users talking about relevant topics to interact. To broaden its stance on news, Twitter launched Moments, which features tweets for that day’s breaking stories. This has opened the opportunities for authorship as both professional media sources and users can be featured. Promoted moments are in place and are great for targeting niche audiences like sports fans and political junkies.

An example of how twitter and hashtags revolutionized the way we access news is the recent attacks at the Charlie Hebdo HQ in Paris. #JESUISCHARLIE became a global media movement and took twitter by storm. Search the hashtag on twitter and experience a surreal time capsule of how news sources promoted their articles/videos and how users interacted and shared the media.

Real-time news
Periscope (live streaming video app) could be implemented.
Moments button seamlessly lives on twitter’s homepage

Relies heavily on multimedia elements.
Lacks brand awareness.
Will need to stay true to being the “first” to report.

Facebook Notify


With 1 billion daily users, Facebook has the means to dominate this competition. Unfortunately their first attempt at doing so, Facebook Paper, was a failure. Their newest offering, Facebook Notify, could be the solution to the distributing news to the masses. Users of this stand-alone app can receive push notifications to their iPhone’s lock screen from at least 70 media stations including BuzzFeed and CNN. Debbie Williamson, an eMarketer principal analyst, says Facebook Notify could end up being a better vehicle for breaking news compared to the others.

Can drive traffic using targeted Algorithms.
Has the capability to offer deals and live transportation data.

Excessive notifications annoy viewers.
Notify is separate from Facebook’s main app.
Publishers don’t have a guarantee that all content will be seen.

Snapchat Live Stories


Snapchat has 100 million daily users and is predominantly used by millennials and users who act like millennials. This should not deter media companies as Snapchat engages with users in an intimate and unique manner. Through Snapchat Live Stories, it feeds fresh content from special events like championship victories to mourning after a terrorist attack. The user-generated content creates authentic content that cannot be modified outside of the application.

Features user generated content.
Fast growing audience of digital natives.
Works like Snapchat’s Discover feature.

Offers a few stories at once.
Featured videos lack context/plot (random collection of users videos)
Lacks user comments.

Apple News


Apple news was released this fall with the launch of iOS 9 and introduced the world to a beautiful user experience. The app collects content from over 70 publishers and is being used by approximately 40 million people. The obstacle in this platform is that it relies on third party publishers participation to make profits. Some publishers like Time Inc. said early traffic results have been underwhelming though The Washington Post has been happy with it’s numbers so far. Critics argue that this platform focuses on the monopolization of news.


Preloaded on iOS 9 and iPhones.
Makes smarter selections the more you read.
Promising growth for newspaper brands.

No major social component.
No original content.