Right Now In Wynwood, Swimsuit Models Are Working It In The Street

Wanna see swimsuit models strut the concrete surf?

Make your way to NW 2nd Ave and 27th Street almost any day of the week. Wynwood is fast becoming Miami’s premier model watching district.

According to ancient lore from the 1990’s, South Beach’s rise to prominence as an international nightlife destination occurred in confluence with European models working the lens on Ocean Drive, along the shore, and throughout the many alleys, hotel porches, restaurants, fountains, and anywhere else they could throw a leg up, arch their back, and smile.

Well it seems that frenetic level of activity has made its way across the bridge to the City of Miami’s Wynwood, where everyday more and more models are parading the streets for the sake of fashion.

Given that we are situated in the heart of the action at the Zebra Building, Pacific54 is here to bring you another one of our popular Just Another Day In Wynwood photo posts. Enjoy! We also know first hand that Russian Models enjoy Wynwood as well!