Google’s Core Updates: Adapting Your SEO Strategy for 2024

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Published on Jun 3, 2024

Google’s Core Updates: Adapting Your SEO Strategy for 2024

In the competitive world of search engines, staying ahead requires a keen understanding of Google’s core updates. The March 2024 core update, along with the latest spam update, has significantly impacted SEO strategies by targeting low-quality content and emphasizing helpful content updates. As the SEO community navigates these major updates, it is crucial to adapt your SEO strategy to maintain and enhance your website’s performance.

Recent updates have resulted in the removal of 40% of what Google considers to be spam sites, highlighting the importance of maintaining high-quality content. For detailed insights,  check out Google’s official March 2024 Search Update

What is a Google Core Update?

Google core updates are significant changes to the search engine’s ranking algorithms. These updates are designed to improve the relevance and quality of search results for users. Unlike regular updates, core updates impact a broad range of factors and affect overall Google Search rankings.

Key Aspects of Core Updates:

  • Purpose: To enhance the search experience by rewarding high-quality, relevant content and addressing content abuse.
  • Broad Impact: Unlike smaller updates, core updates affect a wide array of ranking factors and can significantly alter search engine rankings.
  • Frequency: Google releases several core updates each year, with notable updates occurring in March 2024 and four times in 2023.

Recent Core Updates:

  1. March 2024: Focused on reducing low-quality and spammy content, removing 40% of identified spam sites.
  2. 2023 Updates: There were four broad core algorithm updates, emphasizing improvements in user experience and adherence to Google’s spam policies.

For a detailed history of Google’s algorithm updates, including core updates, check out Search Engine Journal’s comprehensive list.

Differences Between Core Updates and Other Algorithm Changes:

  • Scope: Core updates affect a wide range of websites and ranking factors, whereas other updates may target specific issues or sectors.
  • Impact: The broad nature of core updates means they can lead to significant shifts in search engine rankings, necessitating adjustments from content creators and SEO professionals.

Google’s core updates are crucial for maintaining the quality of search results, rewarding high-quality content, and ensuring a better user experience. Understanding these updates helps content creators and webmasters adapt their strategies to maintain or improve their rankings on Google.

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Immediate Actions After a Core Update

When Google releases a core update, it’s crucial for digital marketers and webmasters to take immediate steps to assess the impact on their websites. Here are some key actions to consider:

Monitoring Website Traffic and Rankings

  • Google Analytics: Track changes in organic traffic to identify any major impacts on your site’s performance.
  • Google Search Console: Monitor your site’s search performance and look for any fluctuations in search rankings. Also, check for any manual actions that might have been applied to your site.

Using Third-Party Tools

  • AHREFS: AHREFS excels at providing detailed insights into your website’s backlinks, keyword rankings, and overall SEO health. It’s particularly strong in competitor analysis, allowing you to compare your site’s performance against others in your niche.
  • SEMRush: SEMRush offers comprehensive tools for tracking keyword performance, conducting site audits, and analyzing competitive landscapes. It’s known for its powerful keyword research capabilities and its ability to provide in-depth insights into PPC campaigns and organic search performance.

Identifying Significant Changes and Patterns

  • Analyze Affected Pages: Determine which pages experienced the most significant changes in rankings and traffic. This will help you identify patterns and possible reasons for the fluctuations.

By promptly assessing the impact of search algorithm updates, you can make necessary adjustments to your SEO strategy and maintain or enhance your search engine rankings.

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Diagnosing the Impact on Your Website

Conducting a Content Audit

Performing a comprehensive content audit is essential to understanding how Google’s core updates have affected your website. Start by evaluating the quality and relevance of your existing content:

  • Quality and Relevance: Assess each piece of content for its value and alignment with user intent. High-quality, valuable, and authoritative content that addresses search queries effectively tends to perform better.
  • Outdated or Thin Content: Identify and update outdated information and remove or improve thin content that does not add significant value.

To help optimize your content, refer to the Essential 15-Point SEO Content Writing Checklist.

Content Optimization Strategies

  • Evergreen Content: Focus on creating and maintaining evergreen content that remains relevant and valuable over time.
  • Content Clusters: Implement content clusters to improve SEO. This involves creating a pillar piece of content on a broad topic and linking it to more detailed, related articles.
  • Watch out for Common SEO Mistakes: Avoid common SEO pitfalls such as duplicate content, which can dilute the effectiveness of your SEO efforts.

Technical SEO Considerations

Maintaining a technically sound website is crucial for SEO success, especially in light of upcoming changes:

  • Mobile-Friendliness: Ensure your site is mobile-friendly, as Google will not index sites that do not work on mobile devices after July 5, 2024.
  • Core Web Vitals: Focus on improving Core Web Vitals, which are critical metrics for user experience, including loading performance, interactivity, and visual stability.
  • Fixing Broken Links: Regularly check for and fix broken links to maintain a smooth user experience and improve site structure.

By conducting a thorough content audit and addressing technical SEO aspects, you can better adapt to Google’s core updates and enhance your website’s search results performance.changing with google algorithm updates

Adjusting Your SEO Strategy

Enhancing Content Quality

To thrive after a Google core update, enhancing your content quality is crucial. Focus on E-A-T (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness), which are key factors Google uses to evaluate the quality of content:

  • Expertise: Ensure your content is written by knowledgeable individuals. Demonstrate expertise by providing in-depth information, using authoritative sources, and showcasing the author’s credentials.
  • Authoritativeness: Build your site’s authority by earning mentions and backlinks from reputable sources. Highlight positive reviews, testimonials, and endorsements.
  • Trustworthiness: Maintain transparency with your audience. Ensure your content is accurate, well-researched, and updated regularly. Include clear contact information and privacy policies..

Incorporating User Intent and Search Intent

  • User Intent: Create content that directly addresses what users are looking for. Use keyword research to understand common search queries and craft content that provides clear, concise, and useful answers.
  • Search Intent: Differentiate between informational, navigational, and transactional search intents. Tailor your content to meet these intents, ensuring it aligns with what users are seeking at each stage of their journey.
  • Answer Engine Optimization (AEO): Optimize your content for voice search and featured snippets to enhance visibility and relevance. Focus on providing concise, accurate answers to commonly asked questions. 

Building High-Quality Backlinks

Building high-quality backlinks is a cornerstone of effective SEO. Here are some strategies:

  • Earn Organic Links: Focus on creating valuable content that naturally attracts links. Content such as comprehensive guides, original research, and infographics can be particularly link-worthy.
  • Guest Posting: Contribute articles to reputable blogs and websites in your industry. This not only earns you backlinks but also helps build your authority.
  • Broken Link Building: Identify broken links on authoritative sites and offer your content as a replacement. This helps site owners improve their user experience while providing you with a valuable backlink.
  • Collaborate with Influencers: Partner with influencers in your niche to get your content shared and linked to from their platforms.

If you need professional assistance with backlink building, consider using services like, a trusted vendor in the industry.

By enhancing your content quality and building high-quality backlinks, you can effectively adjust your SEO strategy to thrive after a Google core update.

Google Best Practices for Core Updates

Long-term SEO Best Practices

Regular Content Optimization and Updates

To maintain strong search engine rankings, it’s essential to regularly update and optimize your content and follow Google Best Practices. This helps meet evolving user expectations and search algorithms. Use tools like SEMRush, Ahrefs, and Google Search Console for comprehensive site audits and technical SEO health checks.

SEO Best Practices

  • Avoid Keyword Stuffing: Use keywords naturally and contextually.
  • Create Original Content: Ensure all content is unique and adds value.
  • Improve User Experience (UX): Design your site for easy navigation and fast loading times.
  • Use Descriptive Metadata: Write clear and compelling meta titles and descriptions.
  • Focus on High-Quality Backlinks: Build links from reputable and relevant sites.
  • Avoid Types of Spam: Steer clear of black-hat SEO tactics and low-quality link schemes.

By adhering to these best practices, you can create a sustainable and effective SEO strategy that withstands algorithmic updates and aligns with Google’s focus on quality and user experience.

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Adapt and Thrive with Proven SEO Strategies

To succeed in the ever-changing landscape of Google’s search algorithms, it’s essential to stay vigilant, adaptive, and committed to best practices. Regularly updating your content, optimizing user experience, and adhering to SEO principles will help you navigate algorithmic updates effectively.

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