How The Google My Business App Can Increase Conversions and ROI

Cosmin Milea
Published on Jun 24, 2014

How The Google My Business App Can Increase Conversions and ROI

Since the release of the new Google My Business (GMB) platform, the SEO community has been buzzing about its implications for internet marketing.
Pacific 54 has years of experience in Search Engine Optimization and knows firsthand that the Google My Business app is pivotal in achieving success from working with local companies and being experts in Miami SEO.
This technology allows small business owners to enter their information once and have it populate across all of Google’s services.
In addition, the new platform can help businesses increase their visibility on Google Plus, Google search results, and other Google services.
Everyone knows that a strong online presence helps businesses grow, but Google My Business offers some less-obvious benefits for businesses who want to ramp up their local SEO and increase their bottom line.
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Let’s take a look at the various ways this platform can boost a business’s sales and conversions.

Consolidating Your Online Presence

P54-Google-My-Business Consolidating

GMB allows users to combine many aspects of their online presence in one easy-to-use platform.
Your customer reviews, brand page, location, contact information, and even social media marketing are brought together; customers are able to see this consolidated information in Google search results and across various Google properties.

Reputation Management

P54- Google reviews

The Google My Business app also gives users the ability to have better control over negative reviews.
Not only can businesses see the feedback they receive from customers, but they can also respond to those reviews and analyze the effect of reviews on web traffic.
The Google Hangouts functionality even enables businesses to talk to their customers “in person” to resolve problems.

Controlling Ad Campaigns

P54-Ad Campaign

The Google Insights tool lets businesses segment and analyzes their customer base. Companies can determine where their customers are coming from and learn more about those who are engaging with the business.

This deeper understanding of a business’s customers can be invaluable when rolling out a new ad campaign.

It’s clear that Google My Business will allow companies to gain better control over their local SEO. Being visible on Google properties can help ramp up sales and conversions by driving customers to an online business.

Google has been releasing new features and updating GMB somewhat secretly in recent months says Search Engine Land. Just goes to show how advantageous this tool

While this platform doesn’t offer much in the way of new tools or services, it makes these tools simpler for businesses to use.

If you’ve been putting off the task of getting your business listed on Google, there’s never been an easier time to take the plunge. Contact Pacific 54 now so we can help you take your company to the next level.

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