5 Healthcare Marketing Tips To Keep Your Practice On Top

Courtney Coleman

Published on Jun 4, 2018
3 min read

5 Healthcare Marketing Tips To Keep Your Practice On Top

healthcare marketing - infographic

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In the hyper-competitive healthcare industry, it is easy for your practice to get lost in the sea of others online, limiting your reach to potential patients. We work with a variety of clients that offer healthcare services, so we want to share 5 healthcare marketing tips to keep your practice relevant in 2018.


Make sure you are delivering rich content that provides value to your patients. This could be related to your practice’s social media pages, like going live on Facebook to show off your expertise on a hot healthcare-related topic or a social media campaign featuring new state of the art technology your office is using. Your practice’s website is another crucial platform to utilize. Create some great video walkthroughs of your office, video of your services, then display them all over your site—get creative! Choose images that will really grab the attention of potential clients.
Be creative when explaining your services. Is there something that your practice offers that’s outside of the usual? Focus some attention on that. Determine what your tone will be when communicating to your target audience (informative, friendly, humorous, professional), then be consistent with that across all platforms.


Google My Business allows business owners to manage their presence on Google. This platform allows patients to leave reviews and ask questions, which could be invaluable for fine tuning your services. It also provides them with hours of operation and phone numbers, bettering the user experience for your incoming patients. Bonus: you also increase the chances of your practice being found in a Google search. Give your patients all the information they need to find your business and increase your practice’s exposure.


Advertising on Facebook is also great for increasing your reach among a target audience that could be interested in your services. If you’ve already started advertising, you can optimize your ads/ad targeting with better insights on your audience. For this, try Facebook Pixel, an analytics tool that adds code to your website to measure the behavior of those who visit your website. It also allows you to build advertising audiences from your site visitors and make sure your ads are being shown to the right people. Knowing when a potential patient took an action after seeing your Facebook ad can definitely help you determine what is and what isn’t working, and create better campaigns for your practice.  


Chatbots are computer programs designed to simulate a conversation with human patients. With the rise in demand of instant gratification, patients want answers about your practice quickly. What do customers and patients alike want? They want the ability to message a business. This could be even more crucial for a patient who needs a response immediately after a medical emergency. If you don’t have the manpower in your office for this, try implementing a chatbot that responds to FAQs, and increases the user experience of your practice. Healthcare marketing just got a lot easier.


Why are we still filling out long paper forms in 2018? This simple optimization tactic can transform your practice. Before you sink completely into digital marketing, bring your practice to 2018 by switching to digital forms. This will decrease wait times and increase productivity, and give you more time for planning strategies to reach more people. You can implement a digital scheduling system for health systems and independent practices like DocASAP and ClockWise to help manage all your appointments. Save the planet, get rid of all those paper forms, and stay within HIPAA patient privacy provisions all at once.
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