How to Get Leads As A Public Adjuster

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Published on Sep 29, 2022

How to Get Leads As A Public Adjuster

It can be hard to come across leads as a public adjuster, especially during the off-season when there’s no hurricanes or bad weather that could cause damage to a home. While networking is certainly an important aspect to generate public adjuster leads, you can optimize your business’ online presence to get more. 

What follows is a step-by-step guide to public adjuster marketing and how to increase business through Google Ads, Google My Business (GMB), and using SEO to dominate the search engine results page (SERP). 

Get Public Adjuster Leads with Google Ads 

As a business owner today, you should live and breathe Google Ads. According to HubSpot’s Annual State of Marketing Report, a whopping 63% of people have clicked on a Google ad. It is no longer an option for marketing, but an absolute necessity. 

The first step to setting up your Google Ads campaign is determining the proper keywords you’re looking to appear for. This is where you must put yourself in the mindset of your potential clients. While it may seem as simple as setting up a keyword search for “Public Adjuster” there are several other opportunities with which to find clients online. 


Google Keyword Planner can help you find the best search terms for your business.

Public Adjuster Marketing on Google Ads(Source: Google)

  • Focus on long-tail keywords: There are search opportunities for long tail keywords, these are keywords that contain 3 or more words and are more focused than short, direct keywords. For example “licensed public adjuster” sees over 1,000 searches a month and has a low competition rate, making it more likely that your ad will be seen by people searching for it. 
  • Localize your ads:  Another great approach to pay-per-click advertising is to localize your searches. Setting up geotargeting in your region is an important step here. You want local clients to see your ads. Say, for example, you’re in the state of Florida, simply set your Google ad to target the state and use it in conjunction with long-tail keywords like “Public Adjuster Near Me”, “Public Adjuster Miami” and other geo-specific keywords. 


What kind of Google Ads Campaign Should I Be Running for More Leads? 

While there are several types of campaigns that can be fully optimized to fit your business model, we find that Call Campaigns are particularly effective. These are set up to put your contact information directly in front of potential clients querying for public adjusting services. 

Your Google call campaign will appear in the SERP like this. (Photo Credit: Google)

Google Call Campaign for Public Adjusters

According to Google, 60% ​​of smartphone users have contacted a business directly using search results. The trick is to know how your ad is performing, to differentiate organic calls from Google Ad conversions, we suggest setting up a call tracking number.  This tracking number allows you to assign a unique phone number to your business to route the calls to you. Using this number, you can see exactly how many conversions your ad is getting, which is key to observing ad performance.

Public Adjuster Marketing Through Google My Business 

A major step in getting local leads for your public adjusting business is setting up a Google My Business account. GMB utilizes the power of Google Maps and works as a local listing for your business. 

Google My Business will put your business right on Google Maps for all to see. Google My Business for Public Adjuster Marketing

How Do I Set Up A Google My Business Page? 

Setting up a Google My Business is as simple as signing up. 

  • Go to the Business Profile Manager
  • Enter the name of your company and select a category for it to be listed under. 
  • Enter a service area for your business. This is important because it lets you attract customers in your immediate area of operations. 
  • Next enter your business information (phone number, website, etc.)
  • Click Finish. It’s that easy to do.

Once set up, your business will appear on Google Maps, leading to increased visibility for your business locally.

You can also set up ads through Google My Business.

Google My Business Ads

(Source: Google)

Once you access your Google My Business account, you can simply hit the “Create Ad” button to start working on an ad for your business. You can set up a smart campaign once your GMB profile is set up that will direct users to your GMB profile. After entering your ad copy, you can select keywords for your ad, geotarget a specific area, and set your budget in a few easy clicks. 

  • Setting up a Google Business Smart Campaign
  1. From the “All campaigns” page, click + New campaign.
  2. Select a goal for your campaign.
  3. When prompted, select the Business Profile you want to advertise and link your accounts.
  4. Finish creating your Smart campaign.


Local SEO Tailored to Public Adjusting 

Another key aspect of public adjuster marketing is locally-tailored SEO. Much like PPC advertising, keyword research is extremely important here. Once again, you want to focus your efforts on ranking locally, longtail keywords like “Public Adjuster Key West” and “Florida Public Adjusters” are key to rank for because they focus on your local market. 

After you’ve completed your keyword research and on-page SEO, it’s time to do some work off-page. You’re going to want to get as many citations as possible, listing your business on online directories is a good start. Consider using services like Brightlocal to list your business on the likes of Yellow Pages, Yelp, Facebook, Apple Maps, Etc.     

You’ll want to create further backlinks to your webpage via social media, guest blogs, optimized press releases, and other natural backlinking. You can even have your page shared by influencers on websites such as Reddit, Twitter, forums, and other social media platforms. These days there are more avenues than ever to create backlinks for your website for off-page SEO. 

Marketing Your Business With Pacific54 

Now that you have some familiarity with getting public adjuster leads online, it’s time to let the pros take over. Pacific54 is an aggressive online marketing agency that takes all the guesswork out of promoting your business online. 

Through expertly-crafted ad campaigns, SEO-optimized website content, and even social media, we help build your business’s online presence and get more leads. 

Contact us to get started today! 


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