How Wedding Venue Advertising Works For Your Business

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Published on Jul 18, 2022

How Wedding Venue Advertising Works For Your Business

Consider that the average couple spends about half their wedding budget on their venue. Then take into account that we live in an age where word of mouth has given way to search engine results and Instagram posts. It has never been more important to advertise your business online. 

We plan on laying out why wedding venue advertising is particularly effective. Why your site is important, where you should advertise, and how to target clients. 

Optimize your website and use it to show off!

Wedding venue advertising begins on your website. Before you advertise, consider your customer journey. You don’t just want your site to be beautiful, you want it to be functional. 

Form: What makes wedding advertising different is that you must show rather than tell people about all your business has to offer. It is important to take this into consideration. You’re going to want to show off beautiful photos and videos of your venue and real-life weddings hosted there. 

Function: Once the visual element of your site is set, you should make sure your site’s functionality is up to snuff. By this, we mean setting up a pipeline for conversions. Make sure every page on your site features a Call To Action (CTA). You want to get a potential target’s information while they’re visiting your site. Consider having an on-page form or call button on every page.   

Websites should feature a CTA on every page .

Once your website is ready, there are many avenues on which to market your business like SEO, local directories, industry sites, and social media, but pay-per-click (PPC) advertising proves to be particularly effective. 

Advertising your venue on Google

Every wedding venue advertising strategy needs to include Google. The world’s number one search engine is where people go to find everything they want and need. Putting your business at the top of Google’s search results guarantees more leads from potential clients specifically seeking out your services. 

The most important goal of running a business is getting people’s eyes on it. With an industry standard of $3.32 cost-per-click(CPC), you will see very high returns on very little investment. 

Google Keyword Planner aids you in choosing the right keywords for your business.

Google Keywords for wedding venues


  • Think Locally! Using keywords like “Miami Wedding Venues” gets you up to 10,000 monthly searches with a low competitive rating and an average cost-per-click (CPC) between $.77 & $2.40. Generally, adding your location to a keyword is a good idea to help target potential customers. 
  • Narrow down your audience with your keyword choices: Longtail keywords are keywords that are usually 3-5 words and more specific. Say for example that someone has their heart set on an outdoor wedding. They might be more inclined to search for “outdoor wedding venues”. This longtail keyword sees the low competition and has up to 100k searches per month at a bid ranging from $.78 to $2.24 CPC.  
  • Focus on your landing page! Finding the proper keywords is half the battle. Once you have eyes on your site, you need to get conversions. The best approach is a fully-optimized landing page. These are pages independent of the rest of your site that are designed with one thing in mind, conversion. Usually, this comes in the form of a Call-to-Action, which is designed to get your user to perform a specific task. This can be anything from a direct phone call to simply filling out a form to get their information.   
  • Get more calls: Conveniently, Google also allows for Call Campaigns. These are specific type of campaign that puts your business contact information right in the search engine results. You will get direct calls from clients finding your information on Google. These can be specifically tracked to measure success by using call tracking numbers. 

These numbers work by directly re-routing calls to your business but allow for tracking as they are specifically created for your ad. This is a direct way to measure the success of your campaign conversions. 

Location is everything! Most importantly, your ads must be geo-targeted. For example, if your venue is located 15 miles outside of a major city, you’re going to want to target that city plus a radius of 25-50 miles to maximize the number of people who see your ad. You must always look to prioritize your home audience so that you can dominate your market. Running a wedding venue in Asheville, NC, for example, you’re likely not doing yourself any favors targeting the entire US market, as someone from Alaska is unlikely to utilize your services.

How Facebook can help boost your business

Did you know the number one wedding venue advertising route is Facebook? It makes perfect sense. These days, instead of calling friends and family, people immediately update their relationship status on Facebook to “engaged”. Imagine being able to instantly target someone the moment they announce their engagement. That’s what Facebook ads can do. 

With over 2.81 billion active users, Facebook is a must-have for any business. Their advanced targeting system allows you to target demographics down to age, relationship status, location, income, and dozens of other criteria. 


Facebook and Instagram ads allow for some of the most effective advertising online today.

Facebook ads for wedding venues

Your best bet is to run a  campaign based on gathering high-value leads for your business. For example, businesses based in Miami can find incredible success using Facebook’s ad targeting system. You can narrow your base down to women 24-36, who were recently engaged, with disposable income, and living within 15 miles of your venue.

This is just one useful example of an ad that Facebook allows you to optimize for. You can also set up an ad to get more traffic to your website or landing page, should your site be built with a successful conversion in mind. 


Optimized Facebook/Instagram ads will get the attention of your target audience.

Wedding Venue Advertising on Instagram

Marketing your wedding venue on Instagram

Americans spent more than 1,300 hours on social media last year. With all eyes swiping through their timelines, we can put beautiful pictures and videos of your wedding venue in front of them. Using Instagram you can create eye-catching stories and posts to draw more attention to your venue’s site. 

  • Posts: One option for your ads is putting your venue in your prospects’ timeline. These can be photos or videos of your venue or real-life weddings you’ve hosted. 
  • Stories: One of Instagram’s most popular features is stories. Usually consisting of photos and videos, they appear in a slideshow format at the top of your Instagram timeline. 

Much like Facebook, Instagram lets you create effective ads utilizing posts and stories.  Through Facebook Ads Manager, you can specifically target your potential clients. Unlike regular posts and stories, Ads Manager presents them with a call-to-action leading directly to your website or landing page. 


Instagram Story ads can be created through Facebook Ads Manager and incentivize a direct action from your targeted audience

Instagram Story ads

Advertising with Pacific54

Let us revamp your wedding venue advertising today! 

Pacific54 is here to help your business grow through our excellent system of online advertising. We have all the services to help your business convert; we will manage campaigns and craft content to increase your traffic through tailored landing pages built to increase conversions.

 Our team of experts is ready to take your business to the next level! Through advertising on Google, Facebook, and Instagram,  we will find you high-quality leads that you can convert to sales. 

Contact us to learn more about our digital marketing services.

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