PPC ads towing: Boost your company’s monthly revenue

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Published on Aug 10, 2022

PPC ads towing: Boost your company’s monthly revenue

Have you ever been in need of a tow truck? There’s a good chance that if you were, you consulted Google to find it. In a world where 25% of mobile search clicks go to paid results, online tow truck company advertising is an essential part of running a successful towing business. 

Online Tow Truck Company Advertising on Google

With thousands upon thousands of towing companies on the web, it’s essential to stand out and get eyes on your business. Pay-per-click services accomplish that, placing your business at the top of Google’s search results. For people in stressful situations like a breakdown, convenience is often vital, and the best search result is often the first. 

    • Pay-Per-Click Advertising: Sites like Google offer quick entry into the market. PPC is an advertising model where users pay when someone clicks on one of their online ads. Ads are targeted to your region based on keyword search results that you make bids for, placing you at the top of Google. 
  • Get Your Website noticed immediately with Google PPC Ads.

PPC Marketing Tow Truck Company

PPC differs from search engine optimization in that you will see results immediately, as it puts your site at the top of Google’s search results. Ranking at the top of Google using SEO efforts can take several months. Meanwhile, your ads will be seen immediately with PPC and placed above organic search results.

The beauty behind PPC advertising lies in its flexibility. With geographically targeted ads based on well-researched keywords, and the ability to control what you bid, your business can net a significant return on ad spend with minimal effort and a budget that fits your company’s needs. 

How your Ads will appear in Google Call Campaigns

Google Call Campaigns

Photo credit: Google

  • Get More Phone Calls: We recommend focusing on Call Campaigns for tow truck company advertising. It’s the perfect campaign for businesses on the go or that provide emergency services. Call Campaigns allow you to get more calls straight from your ads. They show only on mobile devices that are capable of making calls. We set these up with a call tracking number. This tracking number allows us to assign a unique phone number to your business to route the calls to you. Using this number, we can track exactly how many conversions your ad is getting, which is key to observing ad performance. 

A visual representation of how call tracking numbers really work!

Towing Call tracking numbers

Photo Credit: Callrail

  • Build A Landing Page: Landing pages are singularly-focused web pages designed to make users take action, such as filling out a form or making a phone call. Landing pages are an essential step as you put the call to action right in front of the target to generate a lead. This differs from your usual website, set up to get your brand’s story identity across to the reader. Landing pages are meant to specifically drive conversions. 

Landing pages like this one are built to maximize conversions!

tow truck company advertising landing page

At Pacific54 we take the ball and run with it. We handle all of your PPC needs. We create a custom landing page tailored for customer conversion while utilizing Call Campaigns that target clients and get quality leads. We manage your ad from inception and guarantee you’ll see an increase in calls and form fills.  P54 will monitor and adjust your campaign based on performance. We help target users based in a geographic region so you can dominate your local market. 

Social Media Marketing for Tow Truck Companies

We live in the age of social media, where everything is available at the swipe of a finger. In addition to PPC, social media marketing for your tow truck company puts you at an advantage against competitors. Using Facebook Ads, you can target people from specific demographics in a geographic region that might need your service. 

Facebook advertising helps build legitimacy for your business. Putting you in front of potential clients and showing them your personality, not just your name. 

  1. Show off your fleet or customers being served in pictures and help tell the story of your business. 
  2. Using Facebook Ads Manager allows you to choose the kind of people you want to see your ad. For Example, you can build a target audience like the following:
  • People 16-65 years old
  • Drivers in a particular area
  • People who have recently shown interest in towing companies through searches.
  • People with disposable income 

Social Media Advertising can help attract new customers and build your business’ brand reputation.

Social media Marketing for tow truck companies

It can take a long time to build your social media presence, but Facebook/Instagram ads help to get followers and help more people see your business. This allows you to build a name for yourself further online. The more people who see your company, the more people willing to call your company.

social media marketing tow truck companies

Google My Business & Tow Truck Services

With all the power of Google at your disposal, why not take advantage of Maps? Setting up a Google My Business (GMB) page is a big step towards getting noticed in your market and getting more towing leads. GMB is a powerful tool that works as a local business listing, allowing it to be displayed on Google Maps for all to see. Your business will appear in the local search results in your immediate area of service. This provides all of your information (Phone, Website, Directions, etc.) to anyone looking for your service.  

Google My Business puts all your information in front of potential customers on Google Maps!

Google My Business Advertising

A recent study published by Forbes showed that 60% of smartphone users contacted businesses directly using GMB’s Click To Call option. Google My Business is no longer a value-add but a necessity. Putting a visual and informative representation of your business at your clients’ fingertips builds a connection with the user that a simple text ad cannot. 

Setting up a Google My Business is as simple as signing up. 

  • Go to the Business Profile Manager
  • Enter the name of your company and select a category for it be listed under. 
  • Enter a service area for your business. This is important because it lets you attract customers in your immediate area of operations. 
  • Next enter your business information (phone number, website, etc.)
  • Click Finish. It’s that easy to do.    

GMB windows allow you to inform prospective clients on all aspects of your business, from landing pages to phone numbers and email contacts. This increases visibility and bridges the gap between search and action taken by the user in one easy step. Having your business displayed on Google maps with all requisite contact information builds a sense of trust and helps conversion.

GMB is a necessity for any business! Have your business seen directly in Google’s search window and convert customers faster!

GMB Local Listings


Pacific54 will build and optimize your GMB listings for maximum traction, increasing your visibility and helping your business to lead the local market. Reap the benefits of optimization and business verification by getting more direct calls and contacts directly from the Google search window. 

Trust Pacific54 With Your Online Tow Truck Company Advertising

Pacific54 offers the full suite of digital marketing services for online advertising. Our team of certified ad specialists will handle building out and optimizing your ad campaign. We possess a highly-skilled team of experts, with exceptional targeting skills, that has carefully-tailored experience and industry knowledge. Your tow truck company will see an increase in business coming from high-value leads and will experience a high returns with the guiding hand of Pacific54’s expert team of advertisers. We work so you can dominate your local market. Contact us today!



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