Key opportunities

Paid advertising campaigns help reach your ideal clients in 2 ways; When they are:

  • Actively Looking for Products & Services (High Intent)
  • Passively Browsing the Internet (Low Intent)

With Google Ads, you’ll reach target customers while they are actively looking for your products or services.

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Social media advertising campaigns

Alternatively, with social media campaigns, online users are targeted based on demographics, geographic locations and purchasing behaviors.

Both passive and active buyers present great opportunities for paid advertising to help your business.

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Launching your advertising campaign

  • Discovery Consultation

    Pacific54 will meet with you to discuss your business’ previous marketing efforts, current strategies, and future goals to see where we can help.

  • Campaign Creation & Collaboration

    Our expert team will collaborate to create a tailored marketing strategy aimed to achieve your business goals.

  • Ongoing Monitoring & Optimization

    Dedicated specialists will consistently monitor your campaigns to make sure they are meeting key performance indicators and generating return on investment.

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