How To Instantly Increase Ecommerce Sales With The 5 Best Shopify Apps

Courtney Coleman

Published on Sep 1, 2017
6 min read

How To Instantly Increase Ecommerce Sales With The 5 Best Shopify Apps

People have been searching high and low for the secret to success when it comes to finding a way to increase ecommerce sales. Every ecommerce entrepreneur at one point or another has been faced with the dilemma of not being able to know what they’re doing wrong or why their sales aren’t improving.
We know the answer.
Not using Shopify apps can kill conversions when it comes to ecommerce sites. Utilizing the best Shopify apps available is your ticket to success when it comes to making those sales numbers soar. 

As Shopify Experts We Know What We’re Talking About


Take A look At The 5 Best Shopify Apps Your Ecommerce Site Desperately Needs

1 ) LiveNinja

When it comes to chatting with customers online, elegance and simplicity is everything.
That’s exactly what LiveNinja had in mind when they knocked their live chat design out of the park.
One of the best functionalities is that the LiveNinja app allows you to message customers on-the-go with their focus being tailored to the mobile generation.
Some of the amazing features of that make LiveNinja one of the best Shopify apps include:

  • The ability to capture leads quickly and seamlessly as no signup is required.
  • How easy it is to follow up those leads with mobile SMS transfers once they have exited your site.
  • Automatically receiving an SMS phone number that customers can text you at.

Easy to say that LiveNinja, an app that was developed by yours truly at Pacific54, has been proven to increase ecommerce sales with it’s simplistic yet beautiful live chat experience.
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Get LiveNinja Here

2) Wishlist Plus

The wishlist function is essential for ecommerce growth.
It allows customers to track products they want but can’t purchase at that given moment but wish to buy at a later time.
The holy grail of wish list apps is Wishlist Plus developed by Swym Cooperations.
The reason why this is one of the best Shopify apps is because nowadays, purchase journeys commonly span over multiple sessions & multiple devices. Being able to track that journey is difficult for stores to achieve – which is where Wishlist Plus comes in.
Wishlist Plus allows users to add desired products to a wishlist that will follow them across multiple devices without requiring the customer to log in. Letting users “pick up where they left off” increases the likelihood that customers will follow through and make a purchase from their Wishlist.
Some features of Wishlist Plus are:

  • Easy customization allowing you to make the look and feel of the wishlist match your brand perfectly.
  • Real-Time metrics displayed on the smart dashboard so you can monitor and track all customer activity.
  • Shareability of the list with friends or family.

Integrate the Wishlist Plus app in a seamless fashion and watch firsthand an improvement of sales.

Get Wishlist Plus Here

3) Conversio (previously Receiptful)

“All the functions of Conversio are really really great. I quit 2 apps after adding Conversio because Conversio makes all the stuff better, faster, easier and cheaper and is bringing more money to me.” – Julie Fourel @ Joope
The all-in-one marketing dashboard allows Shopify store owners to handle numerous areas of their business and increase ecommerce sales from the efficiency of one simple app.
A few of the available tools of Conversio are:

  • A consolidated email dashboard, where you can send receipts, newsletters, abandoned cart emails, and more from one convenient place.
  • Product reviews and recommendations based on customers’ individual purchase history.
  • A search functionality that helps users find exactly what they are looking for.
  • The opportunity to hear feedback on your store and user experience from the people who matter most – your customers!

Start your 30-day free trial and once the trial is complete you can decide to continue with their paid services.
The cost varies month to month and depends on the amount of orders you process that month.
A slower month on your end will translate to lower charges on theirs. A fair model – which is exactly why we consider Conversio one of the best apps available for Shopify.

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Get Conversio Here

4) Back In Stock

Time and time again Shopify site owners see all their work, money and time spent driving traffic to their page be washed away simply because a product goes out of stock.
With Back in Stock, one of the highest rated apps in the entire Shopify app store with over 140 5-star reviews, customers will be instantly alerted via email once a product they wanted becomes available again.
“Measure Demand, Not Just Sales”
This Shopify app features a dashboard that allows site owners to increase sales by understanding which products are in high demand by customers via weekly or monthly reports. This functionality allows owners to order more of in-demand items, and features a customizable template for back in stock alert emails.
With an installation that literally takes less than 30 seconds to set up, on all relevant pages with items that aren’t currently available, a button will be featured that reads “email me when available” mitigating the sadness of the customer who isn’t able to get the product they want.

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5)  Product Reviews Addon by

If you are a ecommerce site owner, than you are well aware of the disadvantage you face compared to brick and mortar stores where customers have the luxury of being able to try on and see, in person, the products they wish to purchase.
So it goes without saying that one of the main details that potential customers look for are positive reviews from their peers.
An educated shopper looks to see what others have said about the product. I know I do. It makes the customer significantly more confident in their purchase if they know that others approve of the product.
The Product Reviews Addon not only minimizes the time spent requesting reviews from customers by automatically emailing them after a purchase, but also allows you to display the reviews with pictures and videos.
Products with reviews, as said earlier, are shown to increase conversion by 30%, while reviews with videos and pictures are proven to show a 90% increase in conversions!
What better way to increase ecommerce sales?

Get Product Reviews Here
Have you ever used any of these Shopify apps? Comment below and let us know your experiences, especially if you think we missed something amazing!
If you have an idea for a Shopify app or another custom project, contact the team at Pacific54 and let us do what we do best!