How to Get Organic Do-Follow Backlinks On Reddit

The all coveted dofollow backlinks that Reddit possess can instantly increase your website rankings as well as give you exposure to a highly targeted audience. Reddit is a strange, twisted place and while it’s sometimes a hit or miss scenario, the following strategies have hit for me every time. Proper backlink implementation that SEO marketing companies, such as Pacific 54, have been successfully been utilizing for years . Reddit  is a massively under appreciated tool that, if used correctly, can take your company’s traffic to the next level.

Research and Analysis

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This may seem like a no brainer, but finding the right subreddit to syndicate your content with dofollow backlinks will either make or break your success. You can usually judge the intelligence level as well as receptiveness of the audience by hanging out in the comments section. Here is an explanation of what dofollow backlinks are.

Also, don’t be afraid to think outside the box. For instance, I have a client in “insert niche here” that’s located in Chicago. Anytime I’ve posted content in the subreddit pertaining to that niche, it doesn’t do well.

However, posting nearly any historical or factual information about Chicago on r/Chicago is always a win.

Create Useful Lists

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Once you’ve got a subreddit in mind, create a list of resources that would be helpful to the people who frequently visit it.

You’ll not only get the link you want, you’re also effectively positioning you or your client as an expert in the niche, which will generate traffic that has high converting potential due to it being a dofollow backlink.

Additionally, make sure to pay attention to the comments section. Oftentimes with lists, users will suggest additions and revisions, and it’s important to keep the conversation engaged.

Tell a Local Story

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One of the best ways to find great content is to engage with the community around you.

Miami is brimming over with start-ups that are home to inventors, designers, artists and other creatives who are all doing really cool stuff. Interviewing and publishing content about these interesting people is a legit way to not just show support for your hood, but to get a nice backlink as well.

Find a Great Image

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Images are by far the easiest way to get a do-follow on Reddit. There are dozens of great subreddits for image syndication, and while you can’t link a single image as a blog post, you can use the image to tailor a piece of content around.

Some of the most successful content I’ve ever posted was due to having an original, interesting image.

If you can help it (there will be times that you can’t), stray away from pulling something off the web. You’ll get better results if you take the photo yourself.


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Now, the fun part. No matter how awesome your content is, without a great title, nobody is going to care.

You’re competing against the best content on the web, so it’s important that you make yours stand out. Coming up with something that works isn’t that hard, it just takes 5 minutes or less of some real effort on your part.

Focusing on the most interesting part of the content can help you draft your title.

Stay away from anything inauthentic or spammy due to the fact that Google will penalize you for trying to reddit SEO with inorganic clickbait-material.

When I say spammy, I’m talking about the suffocating trend you see all over your Facebook wall telling you that “You’ll Never Believe What Happens Next” etc.

Even if your content is good, you’ll get called out by a moderator and most likely banned from the subreddit all together. Reddit is not Facebook, so don’t make that mistake.

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Nerd Out 

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Reddit seo is awesome because the nerdier your content is, the better. Technical, factual articles that are packed with information are what most users on Reddit are the hungriest for. While this may not work for every client, I tend to believe that it can. For instance, I used this content for a personal injury attorney:

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This article was able to generate a ton of traffic and blog subscribers, and was still relevant to the niche because we were able to touch on car accidents.

That being said, don’t overdo it. Make sure you keep the content interesting, but don’t be afraid to let your nerd flag fly.

After awhile, you’ll have a nice list of subreddits that you feel comfortable with, and this entire process will become second nature. Make sure you’re using multiple accounts that have established karma, and don’t only post for links.

Use these account as you would your personal account. If you’re not using Reddit SEO, you should be, and now’s a great time to start. Now, go out there, and make me proud.


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