Bi-Weekly Roundup 4/1: Latest Updates in Digital Marketing Trends

Cosmin Milea
Published on Apr 1, 2021

Bi-Weekly Roundup 4/1: Latest Updates in Digital Marketing Trends

There has been a flurry of new updates in the world of digital marketing, and it seems like new trends are cropping up every minute.

We’ve rounded up some of the latest social media and digital marketing trends from around the web. Keep on reading to discover some of the new features and updates from Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat, Google, and Instagram.

1. Morning Brew: New Feature Allows Advertisers to Filter Comments on Twitter

Woman accessing Twitter on mobile phone

Advertisers will soon be able to filter comments on Twitter

Twitter can be somewhat infamous for people making crazy or unsavory comments and tweets, but advertisers may soon be able to put an end to all of that.

The social media giant allowed users to limit who can reply to their tweets last August, and it is now extending the same feature to brands.

It will give users the option of choosing who can reply to their promoted tweets via a new dropdown menu. Advertisers will also be able to leave conversation controls as the default, which will mean that anyone can reply, or they’ll be able to select “People you follow” or “Only people you mention.”

Learn more about the changes by reading the full article on Morning Brew.

2. SocialMediaToday: Facebook Beta Tests New Option to Share Instagram Reels to Facebook

Mobile phone showing Instagram with Facebook logo in the background

Instagram is beta testing a new feature that lets users upload Instagram Reels directly to Facebook

Social media users may soon be able to share Instagram reels directly to Facebook, thanks to a new feature being tested. 

After launching Instagram Reels in India last July, it is now beta-testing a new option that allows users to also share their clips to Facebook as well.

This will have the effect of introducing a new panel of short video clips into Facebook News Feeds. Not only will this expand the potential reach of Reels, but it will also give more impetus for creators to share their content on Instagram.

To learn more about these new changes, read the full article on SocialMediaToday.

3. endgadget: Tik Tok Adds New Comment Controls

Woman uses Tik Tok app while holding phone

Tik Tok has added new comment controls for its videos

Tik Tok is probably better known for its fun dancing videos and funny Livestream content.

And now it’s adding a brand new feature to the mix: comment reviews. Ok, so that may not sound like the most exciting feature in the world, but for content creators, this could give them significant control over the way they promote their videos. 

It allows content creators to filter new comments that appear on their clips and approve or deny new comments. The changes have been used to help creators prevent bullying or stop the spread of misinformation.

To learn more about these new changes, read the full article on endgadget.

4. Search Engine Journal: Google Tweaks Rich Results Report

Woman using Google Search Console on mobile in front of laptop

Google has tweaked its rich results report

The rich results report in Google’s Search Console came fresh out of beta last year and has now received an update. 

The search giant announced that the rich results test has been tweaked in order to change the requirements for the job posting report, while the other update was related to the FAQ and Q&A rich results report.

On March 11, the requirements for the Education, Experience, and ExperienceInPlaceOfEducation properties of job posting structured markup changed. This means that users may notice an “increase in warnings for Job Posting instances.”

Google also announced that it will validate and check the validity of FAQ and Q&A structured data that is below the root entity level. Previously, these were only checked at the root level.

All of these changes mean that users will now be notified of new errors or issues.

To learn more about these new changes, read the full article by Search Engine Journal.

5. Google: Full Coverage News Will Be Introduced For Search Results

mobile phone showing Google news reports

Google is rolling out its Full Coverage news feature

Google has announced the launch of a new feature that will allow users to browse in-depth news coverage on a given topic.

Its Full Coverage News feature allows users to access top news, in-depth pieces, explainers, local headlines, and more.

Google says this is a real-time, “360-degree view” of news stories and topics that is different from personalized news feeds. This new feature will mean that everyone will see the same content in full coverage.

To learn more about the changes, read the full story on Google’s blog.

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